KAIST Combinatorics Lab. Workshop

It is a triannual (three-times-a-year) seminar organized by academic genealogy from Professor Dongsu Kim in KAIST Combinatorics Laboratory, which KCL stands for. The aim of this seminar is to bring together active combinatorialists to discuss recent and prospective advances in algebraic combinatorics and related areas. The style of talk tends to be less formal.



  • 14:20 - 14:30 Opening Address by Seunghyun Seo

  • 14:30 - 15:20 Talk 1 by Ae Ja Yee / Slide

    • Title. Some truncated partition theorems

    • Abstract. The recent work of George Andrews and Mircea Merca on the truncated version of Euler’s pentagonal number theorem has opened up a new study on truncated theta series. Since then several papers on the topic have followed. For instance, Victor Guo and Jiang Zeng investigated two theta series of Gauss and proved analogous results to the truncated theorem of Andrews and Merca. In this talk, I will discuss their results along with some new discoveries from my collaboration with Chun Wang.

  • 15:20 - 15:40 Coffee Break

  • 15:40 - 16:30 Talk 2 by Taehyun Eom / Slide

    • Title. Computing the density of tautology in the propositional logic system with the negation and the implication

    • Abstract. A tautology is a well-formed formula which is always true, so the set of tautologies has natural recursive structure based on the truth table of logical symbols. Based on such recursive structure, we will compute the limit density of tautologies with the fixed number of variables by algebraic method, and the estimation for the asymptotic limit density of tautologies by analytic method.

  • 16:30 - 17:10 Talk 3 by Dongsu Kim / Slide

    • Title. A lower bound on the length of the shortest superpattern

  • 17:10 - 17:20 Group Photo and Coffee Break

  • 17:20 - 17:55 Lightning Talks by J. Kim, Yun, Song, Jang, Seo and Shin

  • 17:55 - 18:00 Closing Remarks by Dongsu Kim

  • 18:00 - 20:00 Dinner


  • Dongsu Kim, KAIST

    • Ae Ja Yee, The Pennsylvania State University

    • Seunghyun Seo, Kangwon National University

    • Heesung Shin, Inha University

    • Jang Soo Kim, Sungkyunkwan University

      • Sun-mi Yun, Sungkyunkwan University

      • U-keun Song, Sungkyunkwan University

      • Jihyeug Jang, Sungkyunkwan University

    • Taehyun Eom, KAIST


  • Heesung Shin, Inha University

Host and Sponsor

  • Inha University

  • National Research Foundation